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When you hear security, think Redhawk.

For well over a decade, Redhawk has proven to be a clear leader in providing Effective Data Protection by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of each client’s confidential information. Whether you’re looking for simple solutions like security risk assessment, email encryption, or secure storage or you’re requiring a more robust and complex security architecture, Redhawk is the right choice. Our team of highly trained, experienced and certified security professionals is well-equipped to provide optimum protection for your data – any time, day or night.

Security Assessments
Providing compliance audits, computer and system security.
Online assessments (IT Audits) provide independent audit for regulatory compliance. Security best practices and NIST standards are used to enhance audits. Redhawk uses the NIST risk based methodology.

Risk AssessmentSecurity AssessmentIT Audit Social Engineering Penetration TestingWeb App Penetration TestingWireless Assessment
Managed Security
24x7x365 solutions to address threats to your information security.
Network security protection working for you even when you are not there. Redhawk provides 24x7x365 network management and network monitoring services for security and network needs.

Cybersecurity Portal Vulnerability Scans Network Management Managed Firewall / IPS Log Management Risk Management Email Security

Industry Solutions
You know your industry. We know security.
Trust in Redhawk for your compliance.
Institutions benefit from our years of experience with industry regulations. Information security best practices are coupled with industry guidance to assure regulatory compliance.

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