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Professional IT Security Services

Professional IT Security Services

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PCI DSS Compliance

PCI Compliance

PCI Certification

PCI DSS compliance and card data security is achieved through our vulnerability management and annual assessment services.

- PCI DSS Vulnerability Management
- Web Penetration Testing
- PCI Gap Assessment
- PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire Validation
- Qualified Security Assessor Services

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI Vulnerability Management

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Redhawk has the expertise to effectively manage your network. Partner with Redhawk to stay ahead of security threats.

Managed Security Services

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Redhawk provides a managed process that finds known vulnerabilities in networks and applications.

Vulnerability Management from Redhawk

Gaps in security cannot hide.

Scanning and Remediation

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Security Assessments

A Full Suite of Services delivered on-site or remotely.

Risk Assessments
IT Audit
Social Engineering
Penetration Testing
PCI Compliance

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Attacks on Healthcare Industry Prescribe Fundamental Security Review

Jun 23, 2016
For years, healthcare organizations from major medical centers to neighborhood clinics have limped along with a security posture that has them lagging behind other industries. HIPAA compliance has long been the standard of best practice for privacy and security regulations. That is rapidly changing as the healthcare industry tries to diagnose the severity of a ransomware epidemic. 

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Network Security Solutions for Security Assessments Managed Security Your Industry PCI Compliance

For well over a decade, Redhawk has proven to be a clear leader in providing Effective Data Protection by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of each client’s confidential information. Whether you’re looking for simple solutions like PCI Compliance, network security assessment, email encryption, or secure storage or you’re requiring a more robust and complex security architecture, Redhawk is the right choice.

Our team of highly trained, experienced and certified data security professionals is well-equipped to provide optimum protection for your data – any time, day or night.

Experience That Counts

Redhawk specializes in network security management for the Financial, Healthcare, Government, Utilities and Indian Gaming industries throughout the United States. Redhawk's engineers are backed by the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) program. The CISSP program certifies mastery of Security Best Practices and the ISO/IEC 17799 and 27001 Code of Practice.

Network Security Expertise for YOUR Industry

Redhawk has years of experience with industry regulations. We serve Healthcare, Government, Utilities, Financial Organizations, Gaming, and more. We can assure regulatory compliance by coupling Information security best practices are with industry guidance.