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About Us


Redhawk Network Security provides evolutionary information security services, including the best technology solutions and regulatory expertise. We work with organizations of all sizes to help develop security infrastructure and programs to secure their information, assets, and reputation. Our proven security program methodology and technology integration allows you to build world-class security programs that include assessing risks, identifying vulnerabilities, managing cyber threats, network management, and meeting compliance.

Dynamic Insight

Redhawk Network Security provides a multi-faceted view into your security environment. Seeing beyond the latest security patch or network configuration may seem strange for a network security company, but it's exactly why Redhawk exists. In response to clients requiring more from their networks, we have evolved over the last decade to focus our vision on clients who request more from their network security provider. 

Perception of cybersecurity has been, on the one hand, a battle on a global scale where only those in command of armies of cyber warriors can hope to survive; and, on the other hand, as a nuisance for the understaffed IT department to manage. We know there is a better picture of what information security is about because we see it every day. More and more companies are finding their way to a well-defined, well-trained, and well-suited security program. We maintain that vision through proven experience, professional development, and proactive understanding.

Proven Experience

Experience at Redhawk is more than expertise. It is eyes on, and hands in multiple technology environments, company support of continuing education, and multiple certifications in a wide range of security practices. Industry standards for security change with technology, market demands, and shifting perceptions of risk. Redhawk security professionals are able to maintain standards that exceed the industry because security is all we do. We seriously love this stuff. Let us prove it to you. 

Professional Development

Each staff member at Redhawk collaborates with management to lay out a training and development plan that fits within Redhawk’s vision and encourages him or her to cultivate a learning mindset. Ideally, Redhawk's professional development will produce leaders within the industry by encouraging insatiable curiosity and uncompromising service.  

Proactive Understanding

Trust is earned. Every engagement is an opportunity to strengthen the trust we have earned and the trust we share through mutual understanding. At Redhawk, we all play our part, but proof is in the perception of the client. As we trust each other more and more, we become greater than the sum of our parts, and the client is served through truly dynamic insight.