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Oregon's Senate Bill 90 is Signed


Oregon's Senate Bill 90 is Signed

Dani Mill

Cybersecurity is complicated and can seem overwhelming. Many small business struggle to implement cybersecurity measures. At Redhawk Network Security, we believe there needs to be a fundamental shift in how organizations, both large and small, respond to the need for information security. 
We are a proud supporter of Oregon's Senate Bill 90 and cybersecurity awareness and implementation for all. SB 90 provides for a cybersecurity advisory council creating a partnership between the private and public sector to ensure that security is available for all--for organizations of all sizes. This bill is an important milestone in strengthening the cybersecurity posture for the State of Oregon. This is simply the first step in the process and there is still much work to be done. We are available to help organizations every step of the way.
Our own Kerri Fry, president of Redhawk Network Security attended this milestone signing of this Bill with Oregon Governor Kate Brown and other companies and supporters in attendance.

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