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HIPAA Gap Assessment

Redhawk HIpaa GAP assessment

Securing Protected Health Information (PHI) data is not a choice, it’s a mandate. The healthcare sector continues to be troubled by data security issues. 58% of security incidents involved insiders—mistakes, errors, lost devices—making it the only industry in which internal factors pose the biggest threats to an organization, according to the 2018 Verizon Protected Health Information Data Breach Report.

Our Redhawk HIPAA Gap Assessment follows a similar approach as the HIPAA Risk Assessment. We provide a deeper technical, physical, and administrative analysis of your technical environment and the potentials for gaps in your security as they relate to HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27702, and NIST frameworks.

A HIPAA Gap Assessment allows you to assess your current posture and implementation status of all HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach rule standards and implementation specifications.

Our HIPAA GAP Assessment covers:

Redhawk shall conduct an Administrative Control review that includes relevant standards from 

Redhawk shall conduct an Internal and External Technical Control review that includes relevant standards from:

For all hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, mental healthcare facilities, physical therapy and administrative facilities,  Redhawk shall conduct Physical Control review that includes relevant standards from

The Redhawk HIPAA GAP Assessment Report contains:

  • Executive Summary 

  • Prioritized action plan

  • Detailed Technical Analysis with Risk Ratings

  • Recommendations for Remediation

Meet Compliance and Meaningful Use with the Redhawk HIPAA Risk Assessment

A HIPAA Risk Assessment is a big step toward compliance. To meet Meaningful Use guidelines and ultimately achieve HIPAA Compliance, the Department of Health and Human Services requires all organizations handling PHI and electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) to conduct a risk assessment as specified in the HIPAA Security Rule.

The Redhawk HIPAA Risk Assessment will help you meet HIPAA Meaningful Use guidelines and assist your path to compliance. Our HIPAA Risk Assessment will determine how exposed your PHI and ePHI data is and what mitigating controls need to be created. It’s a guided, collaborative experience so that you understand your PHI as well as your ePHI risks—and can take action. 



The differences between a HIPAA Gap Assessment and HIPAA Risk Assessment

  • A HIPAA gap assessment and HIPAA risk assessment are both necessary compliance activities.

  • A HIPAA gap assessment assesses if you have successfully implemented HIPAA standards and implementation.

  • A HIPAA risk assessment informs you of relevant security and compliance risks as well as what safeguards may need to be implemented.

Redhawk Security Cycle:

Assess, Decide, Address, Evolve, Test, Repeat


Our well-executed security cycle provides organizations with a risk management-based methodology for integrating security assessment and auditing. The assessment structure is key to a well-functioning information security program.

The cycle involves evolving and testing programs, including penetration testing, network scanning, and physical inspection of the actual implemented systems and controls. These audits and assessments will feed back into the program and provide you with the ability to make adjustments.