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Managed Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Companies require network security which is more flexible, scalable, and agile than ever

The proliferation of mobile devices, applications, cloud-based infrastructure, and digitally connected employees are all contributing to a complex environment which is much harder to secure and constantly evolving.

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1FWaaS provides simpler and more flexible architecture by leveraging centralized policy management, multiple enterprise firewall features and traffic tunneling to partially or fully move security inspections to a cloud infrastructure.

2Redhawk’s Managed FWaaS is part of a full range of security services tailored to your business needs to protect your company’s perimeter and enforce policy control.

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Why Redhawk FWaaS?

We provide you with hands-free security where we do all the heavy lifting. The firewall is a critical element of any infrastructure since it protects the perimeter and inside your environment while enforcing policy control. You benefit from a full range of security services tailored to your business needs to deliver:

  • Better security 24x7 – Your network will always be up-to-date and can adapt to your specific requirements as they evolve, and our experts monitor your network and respond to alerts.
  • Easier maintenance – We provide the ongoing management to keep your network security updated and running smoothly.
  • Faster deployment – Our experts configure and install each firewall to best meet your needs including setting rules and exceptions.
  • Reduced expenses – We eliminate the need for your team spend the time configuring and maintaining firewalls and there are no upfront capital expenses since we own the equipment.

Our FWaaS is backed by a deep bench of experts ready to help when needed. It includes firewall engineers and compliance and security analysts all working together to ensure your network stays secure.

CyberSecurity Portal

As an integral part to every solution, we developed a CyberSecurity Portal. It offers a secure repository and information resource with a dashboard for customers to track all projects, security assessments, and service tickets. The CyberSecurity Portal provides a single point for our clients to access security-related documentation and assets.

Through the CyberSecurity Portal, each client gets access to:

  • Secure document sharing
  • Escalation procedures and management
  • Trouble ticket tracking and status
  • Network diagrams
  • Firewall rules management
  • Support contracts
  • Archived Managed Security Service (MSS) reports

Vendors Supported

Redhawk combines the best technology and IT security expertise to ensure your networks and devices—and everything in between—are monitored and managed continuously for threats and disruption.

Flexible Deployments: On-Premise, In the Cloud, or a Hybrid

We can work with you to implement and manage any firewall scenarios, to protect the rapidly changing attack surface. We can also provide you with the equipment to simplify management and support so you don’t have to. This includes Fortinet’s line of next-generation on-premise firewalls: entry-level appliance, mid-range appliance, high-end appliance, chassis-based appliance—or virtual/private cloud firewall.

Best of Breed Products From Leading Vendors

There are many options in the market and we work with the following vendors because of our proven experience deploying and leveraging their offerings for our clients.