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Redhawk Managed Security

Information security is based in trust. From top executives to IT staff to customer loyalty, trust is the foundation of a successful business and an effective network security program. Redhawk Network Security wants to hear from companies in search of proactive day-to-day network security measures and long-term network stability. A well-defined, well-trained, well-suited security program helps keep trusted relationships intact.

Managed Network Security

The increase in cyberthreats has changed how networks and devices are managed. Today’s network infrastructure is more complex, requiring IT teams to constantly adapt and respond to ensure the core network, data, assets are safe from threats. Security management requires meeting stringent industry and government regulations and compliance. Cybersecurity demands advanced security expertise and management.

Redhawk Network Security provides a full range of security services, managed by certified engineers and backed by information security experts, tailored for resource-constrained organizations. We provide proactive, ongoing, expert IT and cybersecurity support, coupled with regulatory and compliance guidance, to manage and monitor your network end-to-end, and everything in between.

Do you need day-to-day cybersecurity management?

From device monitoring to firewall monitoring to switches/routers to full-scale security operations and monitoring, Redhawk combines the best technology and IT security expertise to ensure your networks and devices—and everything in between—are monitored and managed continuously for threats and disruption. 

At Redhawk, we monitor your network traffic in real-time, including:

  • Check the flows and packet payloads for suspicious content

  • Know what's connected to your network at all times

  • Monitor potential cyberthreats and malicious activity

  • Conduct Vulnerability Scanning

  • Provide live security Intrusion Protection Service (IPS)/Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) alerting and alert investigation

Anytime, anywhere network management 

Redhawk Network Security offers around-the-clock management and monitoring of all of your network activity anytime, anywhere: on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. This includes configuration, maintenance, remote services, vulnerability scanning, security testing, and incident response.

Managing your network, data, and assets all boils down to trust. At Redhawk, you get a team of cybersecurity, technology, and compliance experts who care about the needs of your business. We work to solve your security and compliance challenges and treat each security engagement, no matter the scope, with a high-touch, customized approach.


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