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Managed SIEM Service Solution from a Top MSSP

Learn why businesses trust our managed SIEM service with 10 key differences that make us one of the best managed security service provider solutions.

Managed siem service

Every company needs a comprehensive 24x7x365 cyber threat management solution

The digital world has become a scary place for companies. For many, they have to face an onslaught of real and potential threats on a daily basis—including malware, phishing, viruses and spyware—which can all jeopardize their business.

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1SIEM is about harnessing the data generated across your entire network and applications to find potential threats before they become a problem.

2Redhawk’s managed SIEM is comprehensive and integrated to deliver clients a simpler and affordable solution to address digital security threats.

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Why Redhawk Managed SIEM

We offer a dynamic managed SIEM Solution, powered by AlienVault®. We can help you implement your SIEM solution and manage it every step of the way, including the “tuning” period, where we optimize alerts to your specific environment. A correctly-tuned SIEM can help find the proverbial “needle in the hay stack” and reduce the number of resources required to manage your security program and monitor threats. Redhawk focuses on three core SIEM fundamentals:

  • Aggregate – All log data in one place
  • Correlate – Link data from multiple sources
  • Disseminate – Meaningful alarms and reports

Comprehensive and Integrated SIEM

Redhawk Managed SIEM Solution provides your company with insight into security-related incidents and events, which could indicate malicious activity. It monitors and analyzes all of your device’s logging data, including workstations, servers, routers, firewalls, switches, IDS/IPS and any other devices that generate data. All this data is aggregated into one place and analyzed to generate alerts for potential indicators of compromise, enable threat intelligence and incite a response, if necessary. The powerful reporting features also allows companies to prepare reports required in all regulated industries.

A Simpler Security Solution

At Redhawk, we can help you eliminate the complexity and costs of managing multiple, disparate points by providing you with a unified platform that delivers all the security essentials required for effective threat detection, incident response and compliance management.

This includes:

  • Asset Discovery – Visibility into who and what is connected to the network at all times
  • Vulnerability Assessment – Automated asset scanning to identify vulnerabilities and exposure
  • Intrusion Detection – Centralized threat detection across all environments
  • Behavioral Monitoring – Identification of suspicious behavior and network anomalies
  • SIEM and Log Management – Correlation and analysis of security event data from across the network
  • Compliance Management – Continuous monitoring, compliant log storage and built-in reporting
  • Threat Intelligence – Real-time, validated intelligence on the latest threats and attack methods
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Managed SIEM Pricing

For resource-constrained companies, Redhawk Managed SIEM Solution provides maximum security benefits with minimal costs, plus a predictable pricing model. The pricing of a managed SIEM can be confusing and vary greatly across providers. But at Redhawk, we offer an easy-to-understand pricing model that eliminates surprises.