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Network Engineering

Network Engineering Services

There are growing threats to network security. Hackers and cyber criminals are constantly spawning new network attacks to compromise, steal or destroy critical information and disrupt organizations, according to GCN. Even if you are a small to medium-sized business, you need to protect your network and all of your data with advanced security. Do you have the resources or experience to plan, design, configure, implement, and oversee the computer networks that support your organization, your data, your employees, your remote network services—including the day-to-day administration and monitoring?

Redhawk Network Security can help you assess your current network against security threats, configure advanced security systems such as next-generation firewalls, or do a forklift environment replacement of your current security. We can solve your networking and cybersecurity problems.

Managing your network, data, and assets all boils down to trust. At Redhawk, you get a team of cybersecurity, technology, and compliance experts who care about the needs of your business. We work to solve your security, compliance, and networking challenges and treat each security engagement—no matter the scope—with a high-touch, customized approach.

Day-to-day cybersecurity and network management

From switches/routers to remote connectivity, Redhawk combines the best technology and IT security expertise to protect your business with strong and reliable network security to secure your business and all of your assets. Your network and its security are critical, keeping your employees, devices, and applications are connected and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Network Engineering: Design, Implement, Support

Redhawk will handle the complete planning, design, and implementation of your network. Our network designers, engineers, and IT administrators will help you evaluate, understand, and scope your network and design a network implementation plan to best meet your network and security infrastructure needs. We will provide guidance on your architecture and processes to ensure the highest quality deployment with minimum disruption. 

Redhawk offers around-the-clock management and monitoring of all of your network activity anytime, anywhere: on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. This includes configuration, maintenance, remote services, vulnerability scanning, security testing, and incident response.

Reasons why you need a secure network:

  • Data security

  • Customer trust

  • Protect organization’s reputation

  • Secure file sharing

  • Confidential communication and collaboration

  • Secure remote access

“Many SMBs are realizing they are exposed to similar threats as their enterprise peers.”


REDHAWK network engineering OFFERINGS

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