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Redhawk Cybersecurity Portal

Redhawk Cybersecurity portal  

At Redhawk Network Security, we have developed the Redhawk Cybersecurity Portal, a secure repository and information resource for customers to track all of their Redhawk projects, security assessments, and service tickets. The Portal provides an at-a-glance point for all security-related documentation and assets. Key features:

  • Interactive audit and compliance reporting with real-time feedback

  • Track all projects, service tickets, managed services

  • Single point for security information, documentation, and assets

  • Vulnerability mitigation and remediation management

  • Online collaboration with Redhawk’s security analysts and engineers

  • Executive-level insights and reports

  • Cross-platform compatibility, including mobile

We designed this portal to communicate securely with our customers, giving them a holistic view of their security projects, status, implementation, and timing. The Redhawk Cybersecurity Portal enables customers to easily interact with Redhawk’s security analysts and engineers on all projects and services.

We are continually updating and improving the Portal, listening to our customers and incorporating their feedback.

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